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MPYF: Grig Icon by NikkoleonAbout Me MPYF: Grig Icon by Nikkoleon

24 years old|Married|Digital artist|Female|Pagan

Tools Used
Hello! My name is Nikkoleon and I am a digital artist who likes making web comics! I am currently working on a web comic/RPG called 'My Past Your Future' which is pretty much 90% of what I do here!
I love designing creatures, drawing my personal characters, outer space, the ocean, and a lot more! I'm super easy to talk to, so never be afraid to hit me up in the comments, notes, or even Skype!
If you're interested in my work, do consider giving me a watch, supporting me on other sites that I'm on, and reading 'My Past Your Future'! Your support is always appreciated and I hope you stick around for more!

*I only do IM's there, no voice or video chats. Sorry!*

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Things Going On Right Now
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123
For Myself *Answer questions Dec. 31st*:

Art Status

PC: Salacia Christmas Sprite~ by ScottishRedWolfArt Status PC: Salacia Christmas Sprite~ by ScottishRedWolf
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MPYF: Rasp Journal Doll by Nikkoleon MPYF: Grig Pixel Doll by Nikkoleon

To Do List

Not Started

-MPYF Comic Page 25

-MPYF March Patreon Pic

-6 Ways To Go Missing's Character Designs

-6WTGM Comic Page 1

MPYF: Naju Page Doll by Nikkoleon

Fan Art

Fan Art Spotlight

This is a spotlight for my particular favorite pieces of artwork that I have either traded, commissioned, or even been gifted. Not all will make it here, but I appreciate each and every piece I get no matter the quality. 0v0
You can see other works that I have received here:…

Commish- Shy by SlateMist Hello there! by ShadoRequiem
Comission for Nikkoleon by Kodoukat Neptune chibi by SlateMist
-PC- .:Pin Walker:. by MoonyWings Art Trade :: Nikkoleon by shelbits
Art Trade - Nikkoleon - Krishna by skettiyeti Art Trade - Nikkoleon by skettiyeti
you'll rip the pages by Kodoukat GRIGORI AND RASPUTIN! by ShadoRequiem
!!!COMMISSION! !! Nikkoleon by tv-headache [PRIZE/ SPEEDPAINT] Krishna by Unbeatablemeghan13
-AT- .: Planet Maker Dyeus :. by MoonyWings -PC- .:Khepri:. by MoonyWings

Things People Owe Me

Stuff That Peeps Owe Me:

This is just a list of things that people owe me so I don't forget!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Currently No One:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

By Unbeatablemeghan13

For my comic readers, which of my new comics are you looking forward to? 

11 deviants said Both of them, omg!
3 deviants said '6 Ways to Go Missing': A shortish comic about a girl and her classmates that are trying to escape their school gone horror. *told in a journal format*
3 deviants said 'Trust Us We're Professionals': A collection of mini comics about two paranormal investigators that travel in a terrible RV taking on odd cases.
2 deviants said Neither! I just wanna stick with MPYF!


Important Comic Info

Fri Feb 24, 2017, 9:19 AM

Ok, so as many of you *hopefully* know by now, I am working on three comic projects. I wanted to kind of let you guys know what's up with them and some final decisions I had made regarding these comics.

First, 'My Past Your Future'.
I have decided that the comic will be, for the most part, a weekly updating comic. So it will update at least once a week. It still does not have a set day for when it updates, it just won't update on Saturdays or Sundays.
Now that I have mentioned an updating schedule for it, I now have to break it by saying that the next update past page 24 will be SLOW. I think I'm going to put this page on the back burner just until I knock out a couple of things off of my To-Do-List. Don't worry, it won't take weeks and weeks! I just need a few extra days not working on it so I can get my other comic stuff set up. 0v0
So page 25 may have to wait until after the launch of '6 Ways to Go Missing' so I can concentrate on getting these other projects ready to be worked on.

Now, '6 Ways to Go Missing'. If you guys haven't been reading my stuff or anything, '6 Ways to Go Missing' is my 2nd web comic that I will be working on along side of my other ones. It's a rather shortish journal-based horror story that I plan to do on the side of MPYF. Now this comic will be updating once every TWO weeks. I plan to keep it this way until I can fully figure out my work schedule and see if I can fit anymore pages in. I plan to try to have it update on a specific day, but I haven't figured out which one yet. The official launch day is on a Wednesday, so I might make it that. Now Patreon supporters will get the comic pages as soon as I finish them, so if you're interested in the story and you wanna get these pages early, do check that out! Also, when I settle on a specific updating day, I will make sure that MPYF does not updating during the time 6WTGM does, just so there's no competition between the two.

Lastly, my newest web comic. The series is called 'Trust Us We're Professionals' and is a series about two traveling paranormal investigators named Emmett and Albert. This series is still heavily under development and is a collaboration with my husband, :icondeatx:. The series isn't going to be like the other two that I'm working on, but will have many mini comics to it *I plan for them to be under 20 pages a piece*. This comic is actually planned to update as a series is finished, so these updates will far in between, but will have a completed series per update. So instead of just getting one page per update, you get an entire mini story. Also, this series is planned to be highly interactive and is to have ask/role play blogs and more for it! I still can't say much on it since we're still working out the details, but I will make announcements when new things come up. So far, there is no release date for the first series yet.

Thanks for reading and please do check out my Patreon if you're interested in supporting any of these comics. Even just $1 a month can open up a lot of things for you including a "no wait time" for a comic page and you can cancel your pledge at anytime if you can't afford anymore or if you just don't wish to pledge anymore.
I hope to see you guys enjoying the comics!

--->Patreon Page<---
--->Newest Reward<---

My Past Your Future

MPYF: Duncan Pixel Headshot by Nikkoleon
Anything and Everything MPYF Related
A young human boy named 'Duncan' has found himself in a strange, new world with unearthly creatures and beings. He is told by a shadow creature that goes by the name 'Krishna', that his old home is in grave danger and that, with his help, he must go and defeat the gods of the world. So Duncan, Krishna, and their new friends Shy and Naju band together to journey deep into this odd world of the Planet Maker brothers, Rasputin and Grigori.
Will Duncan save a home, family, and friends that he cannot even remember, or is something else at play?

MPYF is a web comic with an RPG in the making. Patreon supporters will get the chance to see concept art, play demos, get early pages, and more!

Read the web comic!

Other places to Find MPYF related things!

MPYF Email:

MPYF: Dyeus Pixel Headshot by Nikkoleon


MPYF: Krish Pixels by Nikkoleon
MPYF: Sagittarius Icon by NikkoleonOther Sites To Find Me MPYF: Sagittarius Icon by Nikkoleon

Or email me at:

Support Me On Patreon

MPYF: Rasputin Icon by NikkoleonPatreon Me MPYF: Rasputin Icon by Nikkoleon

That's right! If you like my work, then it would be super awesome of you to check out my Patreon page! Patreon is an awesome way to support me, my art, my games, ect! In return, you can get some cool things! They can be anything from concept art preview to early game testing!
Wanna support me? Then click on the button below!
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---Pledge Info---
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:$1 Monthly Pledges:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
-You deserve a warm hug and my deepest thanks for supporting me!

-You will gain access to simple concept work.

-You will gain access to early demos and testing for RPGs.

-You will gain early announcements on future games/comics/ect.

-You will gain access to comic pages 2 days before the public.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:$5 Monthly Pledges:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
-All of the above

-You will gain access to more detailed concept work such as early character designs, sprite work, and items.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:$10 Monthly Pledges:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
-All of the above

-You will gain access to all concept work.

-You will gain access to Patreon only artwork.

-1 free Flat Colored Head shot per month *must Patreon for a full month before receiving free artwork*

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:$20 Monthly Pledges:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
-All of the above

-You will get half off on any commissions I have open for as long as you pledge.

-You will gain access to comic pages in progress.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:$50 Monthly Pledge:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
-All of the above

-You will get one free flat colored full body of your character of choice. *must Patreon for a full month before receiving free artwork*

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:Goal 1:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
---$100 Monthly Pledges---
This goal is a great start! When I reach this goal I will be able to make MPYF it's own official domain site. This will also open up the option to advertise on that site as well!
Worried about doing monthly pledges? No worries! You are absolutely free to cancel, downgrade, or upgrade any pledges you have at any time!

Newest Patreon Reward
New Patreon Reward: Ch 2 Cover Concepts *$10+* by Nikkoleon


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Snilaze Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there, i wanted to ask you how much points you ask for an icon :3
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Pigbeast234 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Ahhh, hi there, I just stumbled across your profile as I was browsing some bad junk, but when I saw your art I like, jumped out of my chair!! :'0 I just love how it stands out from everything else, and it has this burning passionate style!!

We also seem to have lots of interests in common?? Wander Over Yonder and OFF are amazing :'00 No one seems to remember them anymore.

Anywho!! Sorry for being a bother. I'll skidoodle along now.
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fireycreeper Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I used the plumidraco base u had because it looked exactly like my oc... I feel bad? My character has nothing to do with the plumidraco species, and I make sure to credit u in every way possible. (She's a normal dragon btw) I wanted to make sure u were aware, and ok of this. I'm quite sorry and If u want, I'll take Down the base and use another.
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Lexathet Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, uh, my girlfriend sent me here and I just wanted to tell you your art and page looks AMAZING. I too hope to have a page as decked out and sweet as yours one day. ;7;
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Darqx Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Please where is Cyborg 009 and Jet 002 draws I want to see it here.
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